I'm Tara

I am a valley walker.

That is my calling.

Others may be called to live in the mountains or work the plains, but I explore the valleys.  I have done so in my own life and have learned to find beauty within these challenging voyages.  Our Great Guide has taught me to see Him in the valleys and to look for the things He looks for.

In doing so, He has shown me the way up the other side of some of the loneliest valleys to find freedom, hope, and transformation.

Now, He has commissioned me to be a “valley guide”.  In this privileged role, I have led hundreds of others through their own valleys of life, and up the other side to experience themselves and others in ways they couldn’t have imagined possible for themselves.

This journey is not for the faint of heart, I’m afraid.  It takes commitment and motivation, but I will go with you every step of the way, equipping you so that you won’t have to fear even the scariest of valleys.  We will go slowly.

And the Great Guide will lead us both through the areas we must explore to gain your freedom.

And then, when we have done what the valley has required of us, we will climb up the other side.  Victorious!

I must warn you, you may have to pass through dark and foggy areas, where we cannot see much of anything.  You will also meet many “elephants” in the valley

(Elephants represent your heart, your history, and your emotional parts – we all have them)

They can be very large and terrifying at first.  But then, we will learn to accept them and eventually tame them through understanding God’s heart for you and your elephants. 

Empowerment will come and you will rise up out of the valley, ready to face your new landscapes.

You will also be equipped to not fear when the next valley appears in your path.  You will have tools and confidence that you can go through this well.

And then our paths will part.  We both will be forever changed.  A bond of safety and care will have been fostered and nurtured.  But it will be time for you to go where your path leads, and it will be time for me to lead back into more valleys. 

You’ll be ready, though you may not realize it at first.  But I am confident, there will be so much more for you beyond the valleys we traversed.  This is the beginning, not the end.

I believe in you already, and the Great Guide always goes with you!

I am a transitional figure, a valley guide, in helping people navigate their own valleys, but more so, learn to follow the Great Guide.  He is the one to lead you through all the landscapes of your life here and throughout eternity I am so grateful to get to play the part I have been given. 

I do this through

Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored Marriage Intensive Therapy

My private practice where I focus on helping people face unresolved pain and trauma

My writing of An Unexpected Freedom, a book that helps people discover peace and joy in the reality of life

Through speaking engagements where I share God’s perspective, promises, and hope regardless of life’s circumstances

It’s time to head back into the valley. Will you join me?