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Why Trauma Therapy?

People often have a very limited understanding of what constitutes trauma.

However, most people are impacted by even minor traumas that can go unrealized and unresolved but continue to influence how they experience their current life.

  • Distressing memories from the past keep coming up
  • Seemingly small things from the past are still upsetting today
  • You are easily irritated or have a tendency to over-react
  • You find yourself shutting down or complying when you don’t want to
  • Overwhelming guilt or shame
  • Treatment-resistant fears and phobias
  • Unhealthy or codependent relationships


While these symptoms may have other causes, often there are unprocessed events in our history that continue to impact how we see ourselves, others, and our current experiences. 


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Single Incident Trauma

  • e.g. a shooting, rape, natural disasters


Domestic Abuse

  • e.g. spousal physical, emotional, or spiritual abuse


Complex Childhood Trauma

  • e.g. neglect, child abuses, bullying, a child regularly witnessing domestic abuse


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“Little-t” trauma is any event (or series of events) or prolonged unhealthy relationship(s) that occurs but remains unresolved and unprocessed in one’s memory.


Related to an Event

  • The distress of the event continues to be experienced as upsetting long after the situation is over. Often, people would not consider the event(s) itself to be traumatic, but it remains upsetting when they allow themselves to connect with the memory of it.


Related to Unhealthy Relationships

  • The learned interactional patterns continue to negatively influence the way a person interacts with and connects with others, particularly significant others.


Though little-t traumas generally go undetected consciously, they continue to influence the way a person thinks and behaves in the present, especially when stressful or upsetting situations occur. Often it is surprising and confusing to the person why they react the way they do in these situations. 


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While it can be scary to face or even admit there may have been trauma in one’s life, having a skilled therapist help you understand and navigate through your trauma and bring you to resolution can be comforting, freeing, and empowering.


You no longer have to live in the distress or dysfunction of your history.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a psychological disorder that can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychologist related to specific types of trauma when the effects of the trauma get to the point of being highly disruptive to one’s current functioning. 


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Even the most distressing traumas can be carefully and safely processed and desensitized so that they become a calm memory of something terrible that happened in the past but is no longer affecting you today


This happens through first learning how to cope with distressing emotions, and then through a structured process of desensitization that continually monitors and maintains your safety as you go through it.

In the first two phases of our work together, we will actively work to create safety for you within the counselling environment and within yourself.  This is required to be able to safely process and resolve past traumas.  There are a number of things we will explore to equip you in this phase. 


We will also be taking a detailed history of possible events or relationships that may have deeply impacted how you see yourself, others, and the world.  We are looking for things that as you let yourself connect with them, are still upsetting today, or things that would typically result in protective or defensive reactions.


Once a list of potential targets is established, we will begin desensitizing and reprocessing them.  I do this primarily through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a highly researched and effective trauma treatment. 


When EMDR is not a good fit for a client, I will use other modalities to gently and more slowly help you to process your trauma as you build emotional tolerance to face your pain.  These include Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, Sandtray Therapy, somatic techniques, and guided imagery


As targets are resolved, clients report not only relief when they think of the initial event, but more significantly, they experience their current life differently!  You will find yourself responding in healthy ways to situations that otherwise would have been triggering to you, without needing to consciously will yourself to respond well


Trauma therapy, in general, and EMDR, in particular, changes how you hold your past so that it no longer determines your present and future! 


In Person Psychotherapy

I am available for In-Person psychotherapy sessions on Mondays and Thursdays at Evergreen Counselling Centre in Courtice, Ontario.  

Virtual Psychotherapy

I am available for Virtual psychotherapy sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

You can book online through the booking link provided on this website (see the “My Booking Calendar” button in the Services section above)


When you click this link it will take you to the booking page where you can pick the location you’d like to book (Virtual or in-person at Evergreen Counselling Centre). 


It will then take you to the services page where you can choose the service you’d like (Complimentary Consultation, Initial Session, Psychotherapy) which will then direct you to my calendar where you can pick a time slot that works for you.

Yes, you need to book a free 10-minute initial consultation.


This provides you and me a chance to talk and determine whether I am the right therapist for your needs. 


Once this call is complete, if you decide you want to move forward, you can book an Initial Session through the Jane booking platform.

A 50-minute session is $195 (including HST)

Limited reduced fee sessions are available.  Please discuss this with me to determine whether there are any reduced fee spots available. 

I am a registered psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and am licensed to provide psychotherapy services. A digital receipt is provided to you which can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Please contact your provider directly and confirm coverage for a Registered Psychotherapist.


CRPO Registration #: 001187


Third party billing is currently unavailable.

I use “Jane” as my booking page, so once you book a session there is a spot that you can plug in your credit card information which is stored through Stripe. 


*I will have no access to your credit card details. 


Once your session is complete “Jane” bills your credit card and sends you a receipt.


I also accept E-Transfers to taralalonde.rp@gmail.com.


If you decide to use an e-transfer instead of a credit card, payment is expected before the beginning of the session.  At the end of the session, I will send you a digital receipt for the session.

A typical counselling hour is 50-minutes.  I start on the quarter hour (e.g. 1:15 pm).  


On occasion, I will suggest a double session (1 hour and 40 minutes) if appropriate for the client.  

I received my Masters of Divinity (Professional Counselling major) from Tyndale Seminary and a Ph.D. in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, I and have been in private practice since 2004. These degrees allow me to not only effectively address therapeutic issues but also equip me with a keen understanding of how the Christian faith integrates with our healing journeys.


I have also continued my education, specializing in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Sandtray Therapy.


These treatment modalities, along with my commitment to continual education in understanding the brain-body connection equip me in effectively helping clients overcome unresolved trauma and experience life today with freedom and vibrancy.

Evergreen Counselling Centre is located at the back of Hope Fellowship Church. 


Mailing address:

1689 Bloor St.

Courtice, Ontario 

L1E 2N1

Downloadable Resources

These resources have been created by others and shared on social media. I am including them here for you to download and utilize whenever you need. Feel free to share them with others who could benefit as well. (Credit to creators is included in the subtext on each infographic)

Why Marriage Intensives?

When couples feel like they have tried everything but nothing seems to be working, 4-day all-inclusive Marriage Intensives provide a powerful kick-start to begin healing your marriage in ways traditional 50-minute therapy cannot.  

Hope Restored

A marriage counselling retreat program

Focus of the Family Canada’s Hope Restored is a personalized program that helps couples in crisis understand the key issues that are causing them distress, begins the healing process, and provides concrete tools to use when they return home after the intensive.

Be prepared to be Pampered while you Work

In Ontario, we meet at the beautiful Nestleton Waters Inn, just outside of Port Perry.  Together with their staff, our commitment is to tenderly care for your physical needs in a tranquil setting while creating safety in every way we can.  We do this so that you can focus on what you need in order to bring hope and renewal to your marriage.